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The front hallway at Alpine Bed and Breakfast is dedicated to highlighting local artists. Every few months we will feature new artists and their work.

100% of the proceeds from all sales go directly to the artists.

Featured Artists

Jim Bones

Luminous Photographs of Remarkable Landscapes by Jim Bones

Light defines the world we see, but we see only a reflection of Reality, never Reality itself. Art is one of Realities’ Mirrors.

Here in the Big Bend, brilliant highlights and inky shadows, often softened by dust blown off the desert itself, conspire with high dry air and lower latitudes to make Southwestern light remarkable.

Photographs are “Light Writings”. Recognizing the right time for the place, or the right place for the available light, and really being there is the secret to making fine photographs. So show up, pay attention, and don’t lose your sense of humor, no matter what the weather.

I don’t just make beautiful pictures. My devotion reaches deeper, beyond the lens and subject, beyond the mere capturing of a landscape. My goal is to reach into people’s hearts through the beauty of nature and show them we and the earth are one.

These are not merely abstract scenes or snapshots. They are portraits of living places, large and small, with distinct personalities; biological communities that share the common characteristics of the lands and environments in which they exist.

Remember that we leave the greatest mark in all we leave untouched. So save for the children’s sake a little unspoiled land and perhaps love and grace and green leaves may in time heal the wounded earth.

And finally I say, ask yourself whose heart have you touched today, and whose eyes have you opened, and to what? To life and light, to truth and beauty, I trust. For Life is art, all else, just artifact.

I was born in Monroe, Louisiana in 1943. My father was in the Air Force; and so my family moved a great deal. As a child I lived in Florida, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, and California. One Christmas when I was in junior high school, my parents gave me a Brownie 8mm camera and shortly thereafter we began a cross-country trip from one home, in Norfolk, Virginia to another in Lompoc, California. It was on that trip that I developed a deep interest in both photography and deserts.

I entered college at the University of Texas, Austin, with the intention of studying aerospace engineering, took a semester of physics, then switched to geology. Toward the end of my college career, I changed again to fine arts, primarily to study with and assist Russell W. Lee, the renowned Dust Bowl Era, Farm Security Administration photographer.

In 1965 I began working with a large-format (4 x 5) camera and five years later I received an Environmental Filmmaker, Corporation for Public Broadcasting Career Fellowship at KERA-TV in Dallas, Texas from June 1970 to June 1971. I received the Artist in Residence, Texas Institute of Letters, Paisano Fellowship at the University of Texas, J. Frank Dobie Ranch near Austin from August 1972 to August 1973. The photographs made during that year were published in 1975 in Texas Heartland: A Hill Country Year, with text by John Graves.

Some of my other books include Texas Earth Surfaces, Encino Press (1970); Texas Wild, E. P. Dutton Press (1976); Texas West of the Pecos, Texas A&M University Press (1981); Rio Grande, Mountains to the Sea, Texas Monthly Press (1985); Texas Images of the Landscape, Westcliffe Press (1986). Encino Press of Austin, Texas, published two portfolios of my handmade dye-transfer prints, A Texas Portfolio, with John Graves (1977) and A Wildflower Portfolio (1978).

From 1975 to 1978 I worked in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as printing assistant to Eliot Porter, widely respected for his large-format color work, featured in many Sierra Club Books.

I was photographer and design consultant to the Brewster County Tourism Council for the Big Bend Snapshots, Highway Interpretive Sign Project, Alpine, Texas from 2005 to  2015. I have been Photographic Consultant to the Museum of The Big Bend, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas from 2006 to 2021.

My photographs are in the collections of the Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas; The Harry Ransom Center, Austin, Texas; The Wiffliff Collection, San Marcos, Texas; The El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, Texas and The New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

My work is currently available at the Catchlight Art Gallery in Alpine, Texas.

117 W Holland Ave, Alpine, TX 79830

(432) 837-9422

Lanna Duncan

Born in Ligonier, Pennsylvania in 1956, Duncan received her BS in Education from Penn State University and MS in Counseling from North Texas State University. She taught special education at the elementary level for nine years as well as three years as a middle school counselor.

Following that, she and her husband began their adventure in historic hotels, purchasing the Hotel Limpia in Fort Davis in 1991. Since then they have bought and restored four other properties, including The Hotel Paisano in Marfa.

Duncan, who has been painting for about five years has no formal training in art but gives much credit to and has been mentored by Patty Moreland, with whom she shares Cactus Fountain Studio in Fort Davis. Over the past five years, Lanna has studied at Kline Academy in Los Angeles as well as taken numerous workshops and classes in Texas, New Mexico and California.

The mountains and landscapes of West Texas have been Duncan’s inspiration, as well as the cityscapes and beaches of southern California. Her focus is on representational and abstract art in oils but recently she has begun a new journey with pastels.

Duncan is presently serving as Co-president of the Malibu Art Association, is a member of the Allied Artists of the Santa Monica Mountains and hosts the One O’Clock Studio at Cactus Fountain Studio in Fort Davis.

Contact information:

Cactus Fountain Studio, 205 N. State St., Fort Davis TX 79734

(432) 940-8104