Artist Corner

Artist Corner

Artist Corner

Artist Corner

Artist Corner


The front hallway at Alpine Bed and Breakfast is dedicated to highlighting local artists. Each month we will feature one or two artists and their work.

100% of the proceeds from all sales go directly to the artists.

This Month’s Featured Artists

Kathy DeLeon

Constructing mosaics is using pieces of various materials and placing them together to create a new whole. It became a way for me to restore myself. After more than 25 years in the Military and teaching in public schools, along with a chaotic personal life, I was broken. So, I began by breaking things and putting them together mostly on furniture at first. Amazingly, I fell in love with my new adventure. I am inspired everyday by the beauty that surrounds us. Sharing my interpretations of the beauty is what I want to accomplish.

Therefore, I humbly thank all who enjoy the works I have completed, from furniture to commissioned pieces, to my own inspirations. At

this time, you can contact me either through email or phone number listed below. I can provide you with more pictures of my work or talk with you about making a special piece.


Phone: 432-364-2895

Emory Holman

Collage is my favorite medium. I love how scraps of paper and the odd image can transform to represent something new. It can make sense out of chaos, and at times, chaos out of sense

I was born and raised in Alpine, Texas, and I have been fortunate to lead a diverse and interesting life. I grew up in a ranching community and was surrounded by animals wild and domestic. I love hiking and just admiring the mountains and desert of Far West Texas. There is a peace and tranquility here like few other places I have been. Even the smells are as unique as the weather and can tell many stories.

In 1995 I discovered another remarkable place on earth. My sister Pat had been living on the Island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas for several years. I was living in Corpus Christi at the time. My father and I went to visit Pat for Christmas.

I met a salvage group from Minnesota that needed a cook for their dive boat. I got that job and didn’t return to the US for months! I worked for them for 2 years, cruising around the islands and feeding hungry treasure divers. We never found much treasure but the experiences were unforgettable.

Since those days I have called Eleuthera my second home. The Bahamians have a loving and positive nature that is truly what makes these islands “paradise.” I have a small home on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic. When on island I often use beach trash to create art, which is sold at a local gift shop. I also sell Beach Trash Art at Gallery on the Square (GOTS) here in Alpine. 50% of the sales from “Beach Trash Art” goes to the Ocean Conservancy.

This is why West Texas and the tropics are both depicted in my work. For me there is a direct correlation between the desert and the sea.

When I am here I miss the ocean: when I am on Eleuthera I miss the mountains.

More of Emory’s art is on display at Gallery on the Square, 117 W Holland Ave., Alpine TX, (432) 837-7203.