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Unwind, Uncork, & Explore – Vineyards, Wine Bars, and Brews in the Big Bend of Texas

The Big Bend of Texas unfolds in a breathtaking display of rugged beauty, far from the gentler rolling hills or even flat landscapes of other parts of Texas. Here, amidst the dramatic mountains, desert scenery, and thrilling outdoor adventures, a thriving scene awaits those seeking a unique escape, whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a curious newcomer. The Big Bend of Texas offers an unforgettable experience for anyone craving a break from the ordinary, a chance to reconnect with nature, and a taste of the unexpected.

This guide highlights vineyards, wine bars, and even a brewery that cater to the adventurous spirit. So, after a day of conquering canyons, hiking through breathtaking trails, or simply soaking up the charm of historic towns and amazing vistas, unwind and indulge in the local flavors.

And, just for reference, we’ve been to all of these places and love each of them. Tom and I live here and ensure all the places we write about are tried and true. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it!

Wine & Whimsies: Vineyards and Wine Bars


Alta Marfa Wine Bar and Restaurant (Marfa)

a botle of wine with a label that says Road Soda, a wine glass with red wine in it.Just a short trip west of Alpine is Marfa, a town that’s becoming a new destination for wine devotees thanks, in part, to Alta Marfa Vineyard and its newly opened Alta Marfa Wine Bar and Restaurant.

Alta Marfa’s journey started with a dream of owners Ricky and Katie and a purchase of vines in 2016, and it’s developed into an amazing family-operated reality that’s garnering national attention. Wine Enthusiast published a quick but very informative article in January about Alta Marfa and the promising wine area of the Davis Mountains. Marfa lies at 30 degrees latitude, just like the Tempranillo grape regions of Spain and Portugal (30 to 50 degrees), and Alta Marfa is hard at work creating the perfect wines for the Texas palate and beyond. While Marfa is relatively new to the Tempranillo grape varietal, its similar latitude to the established Spain and Portugal producers suggests exciting potential.

Alta Wine Bar and Restaurant is a cozy, contemporary space that offers a sophisticated setting to indulge in its extensive wine selection. You’ll find traditional, straightforward varietals like Chardonnay and Sangiovese, but you’ll also find unique surprises like their Road Soda, a sparkling wine made from Viognier and Tempranillo.

Alta Marfa goes beyond just the beverage. Explore their innovative food menu that changes every two weeks and features house-created dishes designed to complement the wines. We loved their “tins”, a wide selection of gourmet tinned seafood that can be paired with their house-made pickles and compound butter. Whether you’re seeking a romantic evening or a lively gathering with friends, Alta Marfa promises an unforgettable experience.

Alta Marfa also has monthly chef-inspired full dinners, so be sure to follow them on Instagram for updates.


Petit Bijou (Alpine)

two bottles of wine, one rose and one whtie, in the background on a table. In the foreground are two wine glasses, one with white wine and one with rose wine.Nestled right here in Alpine, tucked away on Murphy Street, lies a rare find called Petit Bijou. This charming wine bar lives up to its name, “the teeniest tiniest wine bar in Texas,” and sits outside a vintage Airstream trailer draped in fruit-bearing grape vines. Don’t be fooled by its size as Petit Bijou packs a punch with its ambiance. The proprietor, Ginger, is a “farm girl from central Texas”, but she’s created Petit Bijou with a focus on old-world wines with an emphasis on France. Plus, Ginger offers a menu of deceivingly simple yet perfectly detailed food.

Relax in the shade and enjoy a glass of wine chosen from her carefully selected list that caters to diverse palates with options at reasonable prices, along with tasty snacks like cheese plates, hummus, galettes, salads, and more. Ginger grows the herbs that grace her dishes and offers vegan, gluten-free, and alcohol-free options. Petit Bijou boasts a welcoming French-style vibe, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely afternoon or an intimate evening.

Ginger regularly schedules Wine and Food Pairing Experiences, so be sure to follow Petit Bijou on Instagram!


Château Wright Winery and Food Truck (Fort Davis)

a row of wine bottles sitting on a bar with a woman standing behind. Some of the bottles have medals on them.For a delightful afternoon, head north to Château Wright Winery in Fort Davis. The “highest winery in Texas”, Château Wright boasts an incredible view of the vineyards and surrounding mountains, perfect for savoring their award-winning wines amidst the desert landscape. Enjoy a tasting to experience their selection from dry, floral whites like Viognier to rich reds like Point of Rocks Malbec. Or maybe something different like a surprisingly dry Desert Nectar Mead or the sweet Bougie Hare. Pair your wine with delicious treats from the on-site food truck, “Too Hot for TABC” which offers an eclectic mix of gourmet eats. Château Wright has been recognized over the years at prestigious competitions like the 2023 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and the 2023 Texas International Wine Competition, making them a must-visit for any wine enthusiast or anyone looking for someplace to relax and take in the surroundings.


Brews & BBQ: A Match Made in Texas


Brick Vault Brewery and Barbeque (Marathon)

a wall of 6 beer taps with descriptions aboveVenture east to Marathon, a charming Far West Texas town, and discover Brick Vault Brewery and Barbeque. This haven for beer lovers and barbecue enthusiasts combines the best of both worlds. Their on-site nano-brewery (skillfully overseen by one of the few female Master Brewers in the USA, Amy Oxenham) has won acclaim for its rotating selection of craft beers that features ales, lagers, IPAs, and more. Pair your brew with their expertly smoked meats – the brisket, pork ribs, turkey, and house-made sausages are amazing. But the menu doesn’t stop there; Brick Vault offers a variety of other dishes to satisfy every craving, like homemade potato salad and peach cobbler with ice cream.

You can even take your beer with you! Brick Vault has a crowler machine, and they will gladly seal your favorite beer in 32-ounce cans so that you bring some Far West Texas home with you.

The friendly atmosphere and delicious food make Brick Vault a must-visit for those seeking a casual and satisfying experience.


Beyond the Sip: Enhancing Your Experience

This curated list offers just a taste of what the Big Bend of Texas has to offer when it comes to vineyards, wine bars, and breweries. Here are some additional tips to enhance your exploration:

  • Plan your itinerary: Choosing a central location as your base when planning your trip is key. Alpine is in the epicenter of Marathon, Marfa, and Fort Davis, which Sunlit room with king bed, 4 windows, large fireplace and mantle, bend, ceiling fan and light, nightstands, cafe table and stoolsmakes day trips a snap, and Alpine Bed and Breakfast offers luxury and comfort while you take advantage of all there is to do. We offer 4 unique rooms with private baths and a daily gourmet breakfast. We’re your West Texas Oasis after a day of exploring.


  • Embrace the local vibe: Each establishment offers its unique atmosphere. Château Wright Winery boasts a beautiful outdoor setting, perfect for a scenic afternoon. For a touch of sophistication, Alta Marfa provides a contemporary space to indulge in new flavors and pairings. Petit Bijou’s charming Airstream trailer creates a quirky and intimate ambiance. Finally, Brick Vault Brewery offers a casual and friendly atmosphere ideal for unwinding after a day of exploration. Keep in mind that casual dress is always appropriate and acceptable in the Big Bend area, but don’t be afraid to get a bit glitzy if you want to!


  • Ask questions: The staff at these establishments are passionate about what theya woman holding up a glass of beer do and love to share their knowledge. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the wines, beers, or food. They can provide recommendations based on your preferences and help you discover unique pairings. Engaging with the staff can add another layer of enjoyment to your experience and provide valuable insights into the local scene.


  • Take it slow and savor the moment: The Big Bend of Texas is a place to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Don’t rush through your tastings or try to cram too much into your itinerary. Savor each sip or bite, appreciate the ambiance, and enjoy the company you’re with (or even new friends you’ve found along the way).


  • Explore beyond the wineries and brewery: Alpine and the surrounding areas offer a vast array of indoor and outdoor adventures and cultural experiences. Hike a woman on a horse and a second horse, seen between trees and branches.through breathtaking landscapes in Big Bend National Park or explore the charming historic towns like Marfa and Fort Davis. Visit museums that showcase the unique history and culture of the region. For a truly immersive experience, consider stargazing under the clear desert sky – Big Bend boasts some of the darkest night skies in the lower 48 states.


These tips can help you create a memorable and enriching experience as you explore the vineyards, wine bars, and brewery of Far West Texas. So, raise a glass, savor the flavors, and embrace the adventure that awaits you!

The hills and mountains of fort davis

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